Ambitions and innovations

TRANSMETAL INDUSTRIE wants to be a dynamic actor within his region. Thus, TRANSMETAL has been/is/will be involved in numerous projects with a regional reach.

In the transport field, TRANSMETAL is the spearhead of Mistral network’s boat-bus development and also the project manager responsible of creating the floating boat station in Toulon’s harbor and Marseille’s harbor.

Also, in Toulon and for many years, TRANSMETAL has been hosting apprentices coming from SeaTech engineering school (work -study in the material science course) and interns coming from vocational college (Cordeliere college and Langevin college).

Regarding ecology, TRANSMETAL is the shipbuilder which created the first hybrid boat of Toulon’s harbor, a true symbol of its will to be part of the future of the region. In order to pursue the ecology transition of boat propulsion, TRANSMETAL is involved in fuel cell powered propulsion system with hydrogen as its fuel (H2).


The main goal is to offer to our customers zero-emission ships with high power and high load capacity.

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SeaTech sandwich course in materials engineering

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