Shipbuilding aluminium and composite

Shipbuilding in aluminium

The building of aluminium hulls is our core business. The professionalism of our sheet metal workers combined with careful choice of designers and naval architects will contribute to the making of ships with a modern and functional look. Our experience in optimizing structures will ensure durability with sought-after projects. The engineering of our installations focuses on the quality of our products and their integration onboard the ship.

The improvement of the operating conditions and of the daily maintenance guides each of our choices. In the same spirit, we consider the painting phase as essential and we are able to ensure durability of aspects up to 10 years depending on the choice of materials.

The applications of the paint will be preceded by a complete sanding of the treated surface. 3 coats of protection and 2 coats of finish will perfect the aesthetic quality of the units. The electrical installation is given special attention and thus totally preventing electrolysis on our boats.

Our ambition is to deliver products with a low maintenance cost, with aesthetic performances and durable technology. A boat properly designed and built is used and maintained much more efficiently.


Composite build

The composite build is the response to our clients needs, whether private or public. This versatility enabled us to compete and win building markets and to gain the trust of prestigious and demanding clients such as the SNSM.

We design on female moulds and out of contact stratification the whole of the hulls and superstructures of our boats.